The production processes are very simple and based on three cardinal principles, in Emanuele’s mind fundamental to the production of a great wine


Everything starts with the location of the vineyards, which are considered Grand Crus in the Chianti Classico region. Their characteristics are unique: the altitude, which benefits the acidity and freshness of the grapes; the exposure of the vineyards, which varies from south to south-east and favours the ripeness and sweetness of the fruit; the terroir, characterised by marl, which emphasises the distinctiveness of the wines. These characteristics and the charm of the surrounding environment make the place ideal for the development of a path which aims at quality viticulture and at exalting the true protagonist of wine, the vineyard.


Only non-systemic products are used in the vineyards in minimal quantities, sufficient to maintain the authenticity of the grapes and to respect the property, the surrounding ecosystem and the health of those who choose to enjoy our wines. In the cellar, wines’ fermentation is completely spontaneous; sulphites are used in minimum percentages to keep the bottles in excellent condition without depriving them of their personality. No filtrations are contemplated, but the extreme cleanliness of the wines is achieved exclusively through detailed racking and appropriate temperatures.


In the vineyards, the balance and maximum expression of this unique area is achieved through a grape production per plant of between 600 and 900 grams. This is achieved by means of a green harvest, which is carried out in July and during which approximately 50% of the bunches that the plant has managed to produce are eliminated. About 20 days before the harvest, a second selection is carried out in which about 80% of the remaining fruit is left on the plant.

It is precisely by starting from these three essential factors – location, natural agricolture, and a great selection of the grapes – that we guarantee a very important quality to our wines, which will never be trivial but always expressive, intense, and vibrant without ever losing their balance.